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Government of Belington, WV

Municipal Meeting Schedule

The government structure and operation of Belington, WV follows the Mayor-Council plan as specified in West Virginia Code with roles and responsibilities as specifically designated in section §8-3-2.

Mayor and city council positions are elected by registered voters in the city of Belington.

Belington Town Hall – 45 South Crim Avenue – Belington, WV 26250

Elected Officials – City of Belington, WV

We Encourage You To Get Involved With Your Local Government

Residents of Belington, WV are invited and encouraged to attend the municipal meetings, as well as provide input regarding your preferences. All meetings held for the purpose of making decisions affecting the people are legally open to the public according to the Open Governmental Proceedings Act, with the exception of certain meetings held to discuss confidential personnel, law enforcement, contract, and legal matters. In recognition of the rights of the people, and in the interest of general convenience, we invite you to view upcoming meeting agendas, as well as minutes from previous meetings. We provide the residents of Belington, WV open data, public information, and records.